Launch of new wordpress arcade

September 7, 2009 at 2:45 am (Games)

Addicitng Games

Addicitng Games

Building a brand new flash arcade games site that is powered by WordPress. Let me introduce my new flash game site This game site with its name has tons of addicting games for any normal gamers to play.

Why do I choose wordpress as the gaming platform any not any conventional arcade script, this is because WordPress is backed up by one of the largest developer communities on the Web, this means it is expandable with 100s or even thousands of plugins and themes that are released every month.

Secondly, its core features are rock solid which includes tagging, categories and all round user friendly admin panel.

Thirdly, WordPress is well known for being inherently search engine friendly platform. Google loves WordPress and we all love them as well! On top of that, I’ll be using the all in one SEO pack to boost ranking.

Finally, beyond flash games, WP offers the possibility of embedding other media such as video and audio. This is something I am keen to open up. While the main focus of the site will be gaming, there is also room for a few movie trailers, music tracks and other media goodness .

Visit Addicting Games now to get a feel of what I said.


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